Pros and Cons Of A Homework Ban – Everything You Should Know

In recent times, schools across the Northern Hemisphere have begun to ban homework. This practice might seem unorthodox and strange. But it has a lot of advantages. While this strange practice might have many pros and cons. This article would be taking a look at some of the pros and cons of enforcing a homework ban in schools while trying to strike a balance and give a reasonable resolution.

Pros of Homework Bans

Homework May Not Improve Academic Outcomes

While homework is held in really high esteem in schools across the world, there has been no conclusive evidence to show that it is effective in improving an academic lot of students. In fact, research on this question has barely ever been done. So no one is really sure whether the idea of homework is serving the purpose they were made for.

Homework Stresses Students Out

The word most students associate with homework is ‘stress.’ A survey conducted by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) discovered that a major reason why kids quit school was the fact that they were unable to complete homework. In reality, we do not need studies to prove to us that hours of homework daily that is supplemented by a full school schedule and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming for students.

Homework Disrupts Family Life

This is a common argument made by protagonists of homework bans. Students need to be given the opportunity to spend more of their free time with their family instead of trying to find the value of x! Scholars are convinced that the time spent doing homework takes away the opportunities for parents to bond with their children.

Cons of Homework Bans

Homework Fosters Study Skills and Independent Learning

Homework can be an avenue or developing study skills in students. Antagonists of the homework ban believe that homework is a lot more than reviewing what was done in class. They believe that it is an avenue to teach important life lessons like discipline and responsibility. Also, they get to practice independent learning. All of these skills would be valuable for the student in their future ventures.

Homework Gives Parents the Opportunity to Get Involved

With homework, parents get involved in their children’s schoolwork. This way, they get a sense of the topics their children are learning in school and how strong their grasp of these topics is. In fact, most parents of kids with learning disabilities figured this out through homework.

Homework Tracks Student’s Grasp of Academic Content

This is the primary purpose of giving students take-home assignments. With homework, teachers can figure out how much their students understand the material. People may argue that tests and classwork can help, but these methods of testing require preparation and could cause more stress for the student than homework can. So it can be concluded that homework can be a less stressful way to track a student’s academic progress.


Giving homework to students has its pros and cons. An outright ban of homework might not be doing the kids a favor while keeping the status quo might not help as well. In my opinion, the best decision to make concerning this issue is to reduce the bulkiness of homework given school, and allow students to get help from Assignment Geek anytime they need. This way, kids, teachers, and parents will benefit from the advantages of homework at a reduced level of stress on the student.

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