Homework Debate: Is it Good or Bad?

If you have been in the academic circles for some time now, you probably have come across some contentious issues coming from different schools of thought. The homework debate is one such contested topic that has left many divided on whether to embrace homework for students or not. Proponents of the motion believe that homework is good for a student’s learning process. However, there are those opposed to the same, saying that it is a big burden for students.

Homework for students was initially invented as punishment. However, it later was used for better reasons – to help students in their learning process. Despite the impact it brought to the education sectors, there have been views for and against it. There have been motions seeking to abolish homework stating it as a source of student unrest. This has not been without counter-arguments that insist on the importance of giving assignments for work outside the classroom.

Why Homework is good

Those in support for homework for students believe it is more of a blessing than a curse. Here are some of the key reasons as to why homework is preferred among students:

  • It enhances learning. Homework helps students revise. They can review their notes as they do their assignments. Most importantly, they can further study on issues they were not able to grasp in the class.
  • Homework teaches students proper time management skills. With set deadlines for each assignment, a student is expected to plan their time and submit their work in good time. Knowing how important this is, students will do everything to make sure they beat these deadlines. This goes on to help them in their future life.
  • A strategy for teaching responsibility among students. Proponents of homework believe that student’s show responsibility by tackling assignments on their own and submitting them in good time.

Why Homework is regarded as bad for students

Even with the much support that homework has obtained over the years, some people still feel it is not necessary. They believe that students should not be engaged with assignments outside class hours. Here are some of the reasons as to why they believe so:

  • It is a stressing factor among students. Opponents to homework attribute high-stress levels in students to assignments given at school. The pressure to complete these assignments is what is believed to cause depression and stress amongst students.
  • It denies students time to be with family. They say that students are always busy, both at school and back at home. There is nothing else they can do at the sight of all these assignments.
  • It makes students lose the study-life balance. Engaging in co-curricular activities is essential for students’ growth and development. However, homework is believed to take precious play moments from them.


Everything in life has its ups and downside. Depends on how you look at it. The most important thing is to keep balance in everything. Homework is good but can be bad if not managed properly.

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