Which Is The Hardest Calculus Class?

There is always this idea that as courses advance, they become more difficult. Many students have the same notion when it comes to calculus. They tend to believe that Calculus 3 is harder compared to Calculus 1 and Calculus 2.

According to a poll, 72% of the students said indeed calculus 3 is the hardest of them all. But this is contrary to the belief that the hardest class is calculus 2. But looking around, there are different debates on which calculus class is the hardest. How can we rate the different calculus classes?

Why is calculus two considered the hardest class?

There is no good explanation for why calculus two is said to be the hardest. But according to David Vasquez, there are some reasons why some students struggle with calculus two as compared to the other calculus classes. 

  1. Techniques of integration

If you have not brushed up on your derivatives, partial fraction decomposition and trigonometric identities, and other integration, you need to know. Calculus 2 class is heavy on integration. And if you lack mathematically, you will struggle here

  1. Polar coordinates

If you have taken a precalculus class or a trigonometry class, you have worked with polar coordinates. The knowledge of integration that you have you will apply here

  1. Parametric equations

These are new in this class. While they are new, they are not difficult. Many people do not care about them, but they are crucial with integration that is heavy in calculus 3.

  1. Infinite series and sequences

These are the most prominent outliers of calculus. It is because they and exciting and useful in integration.

Why is calculus three the hardest class?

Calculus 3 focuses on both integration and differentiation. It’s known as the multi-variable/multivariate calculus. The spatial aspect of calculus 3 is the root of why it is the most challenging class of calculus.

According to Laso Cribbs, calculus three is the hardest since you have to memorize a lot. 

When you look at calculus 2, the content is very hard. But the concepts that are in calculus 3 are much more difficult. Calculus 2 contains concepts that, once learned, you can never unlearn. In the class, you learn about integration and purpose. You also learn its application in the real world. And finally, you get into differentials and series.

Calculus 3, on the other hand, contains a lot of new concepts – a lot of applications in the real world. But the biggest thing is that the class involves a lot of memorization. When starting calculus 3 class, the first month is more terrible than calculus two trigonometric identities. When it comes to the calculus three content, it is not that hard to learn, but the work involved is a lot and can be very tiring. 


When it comes to determining which calculus is the hardest, it depends on the students and the instructors at the end of the day. Also, understanding what each class entails can help you navigate it in an easier way than the rest. Also, knowing where to get professional calculus homework help might save you lots of time and prevent struggling.

Looking at calculus 2, the four topics highlighted can be a starting point. If you want to pass that class, learn these topics, get a grasp of them, and get covered. 

Another thing to note is that some things build upon each other, so focus in class. Something you learn in one calculus class can come in handy in the next.

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